What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is an exciting, relatively new brow treatment that enhances your brows to create a fuller, yet natural. look. This is perfect for ladies (and gents) who have thinning or unruly brows who need a little boost.

Unlike microblading/nano brows, NO needles and permanent pigments are involved.

It’s the perfect solution if you want to keep your brows styled a certain way without using eyebrow gel every day. This treatment will have to be repeated every 6-8 weeks to maintain your results.

The Brow Lamination Benefits

  • Thinning hair that may occur with age
  • Gaps in your brows from over-plucking or over-waxing in the past
  • Unruly hairs that tend to go different directions despite brushing them
  • Lack of shape or unevenness

Overall, brow lamination is said to make brows look thicker and fuller. Pulling the hairs up vertically may also make it look like you are experiencing new growth. The entire process is also completely non-invasive.

Please note: Some ladies are aware of being allergic to tint/some known products. This is super important to let us know of any allergies you might know of. We want the best for you, and your brows, so please tell us!

How long will it last?

Every person’s hair texture is slightly different, but we would not recommend doing this treatment more than once every 6 weeks. We have had incredible feedback from Brow Laminations clients who have reported back that the treatment lasted for at least 8 weeks.

After the brow lamination process we will apply a keratin treatment to ensure the brows are nourished after the process. But it is also very important to apply a serum/oil to your brows (we recommend before you go to bed, after cleansing the face) to keep your eyebrows healthy and damage-free.

Another treatment that compliments the Brow Lamination is the Lash Lift & Tint… READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!

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